Can men befriend women for no ulterior motives?


In a queue waiting for a combi to Game City , Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole heard a conversation between some passengers talking about why some women react rudely to random men trying to show themselves friendly.

MAN IN RED SHIRT: I don’t know why women are difficult to understand at times. The moment you stop to greet, and tell them you want to ask them something, they’d either ignore you or react rudely.

MAN IN BLUE CAP: It’s something I observed too. I don’t know why women think men only approach them to express their love interests.

MAN IN RED SHIRT: That’s a stupid assumption. What if you just want to tell her that her skirt zipper is down or that her petticoat is showing.

MAN IN JEANS: The painful thing is when you’re lost and you want to ask for directions and she throws an attitude.

MAN IN BLUE CAP: That’s why I never bother to approach women when I need directions. I prefer to ask from security guards as they know the city better anyhow.

MAN IN RED SHIRT: I don’t think as a nation with principles of botho, we should depend only on security guards when we need directions. We should all be responsible citizens.

Women usually expect us to help them, why can’t they help us too when we need them.

MAN IN JEANS: The other day I was walking home in the evening when I greeted a woman.

She ignored me until she got mugged then she came running to me.

Luckily there were no valuables in her handbag. I ended up walking her home.

MAN IN BLUE CAP: Can you imagine what would have happened if you had decided to return the favour and ignore her?

You’d have been judged as the bad one.

The conversation ends as a combi arrives at a boarding spot.

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