Can I trust this publisher?

I received an email from Omniscriptum Publishing Group, a “publishing house” in Germany concerning work that I had submitted to present at a conference last year.

They have just sent me a follow-up email to find out if I am still interested to have them publish a book on my work on the subject.

On the surface, the proposal looks interesting because I would not have to spend on editing and publishing costs but I would like to know if I can trust them with my intellectual property, because I don’t know if the publishing house really exists or it is one of those fake ones which disappear soon after you have given them your work.

If they are genuine, what would you advise in terms of agreement concerning my work.

In the latest email, they have said that after evaluation of submitted manuscripts, they edit where necessary and give back the edited version for the owner to approve before publishing.

They then publish and market the books worldwide on behalf of the writers and pay royalties on sales, at between 10% and 15 % of the book price.

A formal contract would have to be signed between them and the writer of the book.

What do you think?

When I first saw your email I was suspicious. Now, having done a little research, I’m even more suspicious.

These people are a deeply dubious, so-called publishing house. They have a terrible reputation.

Their approach is to bulk email students and academics who have written dissertations, offering to publish them.

In order to get published the author is required to hand over all rights to their work, meaning they can never publish that piece of work again themselves.

Yes, as you say, they offer you 10-15% of any income they earn when they sell your paper but there’s a minimum value you have to reach before you get anything.

One source I found said that you only get paid if the publisher makes €50 (about P500) every month for a year.

Realistically, that’s not going to happen.

To make matters worse, one report I read said that the publisher will then try and sell you copies of your own work for P500. Remember that they now own it, they can do as they please.

If you sign a deal with this bogus publisher I’m afraid all you’ll be doing is handing over your hard work to a suspicious stranger who’ll likely never give you a thing in return.

Do you really want to do that?

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