Can I get delisted?
Can I get delisted?

I want to complain about being listed at a credit agency by my bank without being notified of the arrears that I had with them.

I went to the bank and indeed they listed me.

But after approaching them, they told me that the arrears were cleared and the credit agency delayed to clear my name.

I insisted them to write me a letter stating the date that the arrears were cleared but they are refusing.

But I need this letter at another banks for them to process my loan.

Without that letter I’mgonna have to wait for 6 months.

What should I do for these guys to write me that cover letter.?

I can’t speak for your bank, the one that listed you, but I suspect they’ll say that it was as much your responsibility as it was theirs to know that you had arrears with them.

They were also within their rights to list the arrears with the credit reference agency.

Despite what many people think credit reference agencies are good for everyone.

They enable lenders to make rational decisions about who they lend money to.

Lending to the right people makes borrowing cheaper for reliable borrowers.

However, when you clear a debt they are meant to update their records to reflect that.

Obviously the fact that the arrears existed will remain on record (it’s true) but the full story needs to be there.

We’ve contacted your bank and asked them to investigate. With luck they’ll encourage the credit reference agency to act a little faster.

It’s the least they can do.

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