Cake delights
FAMILY: Johanah and her daughter,Thato

Mother and daughter team up for sweet eats

It was all started by a mother and daughter in their home kitchen and here we are today having this big warehouse of cakes, baking and catering equipment and a café.

This is how Johanah Motswagole Konings, 43 and her 22- year -old daughter Thato hope their story would be told in future when they have realised their dream.

It might sound like a far- fetched wish but judging from the type of cakes and cup cakes that this formidable team is producing from their kitchen, there are surely destined for sweet, delightful days ahead.

Armed with their passion for food and baking and Thato’s qualification as a chef, the pair has set out to make a name for themselves and their brand name Sweet Eats, through their well crafted cakes for any occasions and normally designed to reflect what a person likes or does in life.

Johanah turned her back on her 20 year career as a human resources practitioner so she can dedicate all her time to the business which she is so passionate about.

“The business is still new as we only started in March but so far so good. We are enjoying every moment of exploring our creativity through the cakes and putting a smile on our customers,” said Johanah during an interview at their home in Phakalane recently.

The pair was busy with decorating a cake as hardly a day passes by without an order.

“We always argue about decorations of our cakes but at the end of the day we find common ground,” says Thato as they argued about whether to put piping on the cake or not since it resembled a book.

“I enjoy working with my mother and couldn’t ask for a better partner. We might differ on what design to go for but what we have realised is that whatever we eventually settle on brings so much joy to the customer.”

Cake delights
YOUNG CHEF: Thato showing off her creations

Even though the business is barely a year, Sweet Eats is proving to be the number one choice for those with sweet teeth or wanting a cake for whatever occasion.

The pair has orders for almost throughout the year and beginning of 2017 especially from customers who understand and appreciate the time taken to come up with an ideal cake.

“It’s good to have orders well in advance as it gives us time to plan and come up with the best design. What most people like about our cakes is that we make designs that are suitable for various occasions; reflect a person’s job or what they like,” said Thato with Johanah adding “There is nothing as boring as a customer ordering a cake and expecting delivery the following day, it just doesn’t work because we are out to push volumes but to produce cakes that we are proud of.”

Some of the cakes they have made resemble a typewriter, corset, make up kit, handbags shoes, hats and working tools amongst other things using decoratives that are edible

“The flip side of these cakes though is that they would be too nice that in some instances customers ends up not cutting them. While that gives us satisfaction, customers need to understand that they also need to enjoy the cake no matter how eye catching it is, what’s the point of baking a cake which would not be enjoyed,” quips Johanah.

However it’s not all rosy in the cake business as they regularly have to cross the border to South Africa to get some of the ingredients which are either cheaper in that country or not readily available in Botswana.

“But whatever the challenges, we are ready to conquer the market and fulfill our dream of creating a brand and having this warehouse that would be home to a large variety of cakes, baking and catering equipment as well as a café. We saw a similar concept in Cape Town and we thought, why not have the same in Botswana? Anyway watch the space and keep those orders rolling in,” said Johanah with a smile.

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