Pula Sports Development Association in conjunction with the Cabinet Community Service has today opened Bontleng Futsal Park.

Cabinet members and some senior officials from the Office of the President joined President Ian Khama in Bontleng this morning for the admirable gesture.

Chairman of Pula Sports Development – Mbaki Swift Mpoloka, said the main objectives of their NGO was to challenge social ills pertinent to the youth through sporting means.

Using carefully crafted methods, they have combined sports and life values to teach, train and empower young people.

“We are a youth based non-profit organization that uses sports as a pull-factor to address social challenges within our community – be it alcohol abuse, drug abuse, loitering and others. It is important that we honour the children of Bontleng. The idea is to ensure that the children have a better platform for a better tomorrow,” Mpoloka said.

The Futsal Park will have murals, indigenous trees, a recycling centre, Kgotla chairs and a myriad of other facilities that aid the development of children.

It would have been a normal day full of long speeches, but to signify its relevance, cabinet members and officials traded their formal wear for casual gear and joined President Khama in the actual construction of some of the developments.

The activities included, among others, the painting of Kgotla chairs and planting of trees.
(See video below)