C4 drops viva Africa

22-year-old Kaelo Pelaelo aka C4 is on a mission to promote his debut single, ‘Viva Africa’, which hit the shelves last September.

The Mankgodi native is confident his pop track will add a much-needed spark to the local music scene, which he feel is bland and too one-dimensional.

“Nowadays, especially in Botswana, artists have very similar styles. There is no variety in their music so I decided to record something for the whole of Africa. Whenever anyone listens to ‘Viva Africa’ they dance, whether they like it or not – I once performed it for the oldies at Metcourt and they were all shaking their bodies!” chuckled the young singer, who named American rapper Eminem as his idol.

Dissecting his song further, C4 said, “It is a unique, stylish track. When you listen to it attentively you will notice a bit of an Indian theme in the chorus. It also takes inspiration from some countries that went for FIFA World Cup last year, like Morocco and Tunisia.”

As for the future, C4 has big plans. “My intention literally is to make something big. I’m not after fame, pride or money either but I want people to listen to a different type of music; I just want people to know I am out there and coming with great music,” he declared.

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