Local rapper and Hip-Hop giant Gaeemelwe Glen Lekula has dropped a third single, as the engineer-cum-musician continues to spread the word of encouragement to his youthful peers through music.

Titled Mshimane, the single was released at the beginning of last month and is doing some wonders on the airwaves.

In Mshimane, C-RU, as Lekula id popularly known in the music industry, spreads a word of encouragement to undermined members of the public.

C-RU said most people tend to fall to negative observations by some “jealousy” people and stop everything that they have been doing.

According to C-RU, many people have resorted to committing suicide because someone somewhere lied or talked negatively about him in the public.

“But Mshimane (in reference to any member of the community) will continue working hard in order to triumph despite trials and tribulations,” C-RU told Grooving in the Ghetto with Shingirai Madondo.

He added that even people doubt the potential that one might be blessed with, one needs to work extra hard and prove his/her doubters wrong.

C-RU said the video is already in the market.

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