Small to medium scale entrepreneurs who deal in pottery, clothing, linen and products that can be used in the hotel and tourism industry exhibited in numbers at this year’s Tourism Pitso in a bid to market their products to players in the leisure industry.
This comes after repeated calls by the Government to the private sector to source goods from local market instead of buying outside the country.
In an interview on the sidelines of the two day Pitso which started on Monday the Principal Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Archibald Ngakayagae  said the exhibition was meant to market and promote goods that are mainly used in the tourism sector especially hotels.
The exhibition will now be a permanent feature during the annual Tourism Pitso was in its 5th year running.
“The idea is to showcase the products to decision makers especially in the accommodation sector so that they know where to go when they need things for decorating their offices and rooms, pottery and linen. These are things that can be produced locally but the issue has always been, where to go for these products hence we decided to make life easy for them through this exhibition,’’ he said.
Some of the exhibitors were brought in from various districts in the country such as Ghantsi and Hukuntsi.
Meanwhile the Executive Director of the Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower, Maria Machailo-Ellis revealed that her organization was setting up a data centre of all local producers in various sector so that those who want to buy certain products can know where to go for whatever they need.
“The need to support local producers is long overdue and we hope this data centre will go a long way in achieving that. We need to reduce unnecessary imports into the country and the only we can do that is that by supporting our own local producers,’’ she said.