BUTCHERED: Ellionair Ndlovu

Husband follows blood trail to find wife’s lifeless body

A blood splattered kitchen and shovel hint at the terrifying last moments of 27-year-old Ellionair Ndlovu, who was butchered to death in her Block 9 home on Tuesday afternoon.

It is believed Ellionair’s youngest child, her two-year-old son, witnessed his mum’s grisly end.

Police have since launched a manhunt for the Zimbabwean mother-of-three’s missing 27-year-old gardener, Simon Tenjani who is wanted in connection with the brutal murder.

When The Voice team visited the family home on Wednesday, bloodstains were still clearly visible, splashed haphazardly across the kitchen walls and hallway.

As the family tried desperately to remove the dark red stains, the slain woman’s brother-in-law, Senzeni Ndlovu took his time to narrate the ordeal.

“My brother’s wife was murdered yesterday (Tuesday) around 1500 hrs. My brother had left her at home with their youngest son when he went to work,” began Senzeni, his voice breaking with raw emotion.

The visibly distraught man further narrated that when his brother received a call from a concerned neighbour ‘he instinctively knew something was very wrong’.

“The neighbour called him to inform him that his other two children, who had just arrived from school at the time, were stranded outside their yard,” Senzeni explained, his tired eyes a similar tinge of rouge to the unsightly blemishes on the once-pristine wall.


Taking several seconds to compose himself, Senzeni revealed that when his brother finally arrived home at around 1800hrs, he noticed a trail of blood, which led him to the bedroom and the lifeless body of his wife.

“At the time their youngest son had cried himself to sleep in the other room. His wife was lying in a pool of her own blood,” said Senzeni, adding that a bloody shovel was later found in the yard which is believed to have been used to commit the murder.

Confirming the death, Gaborone West station commander Howard Modo told The Voice, “We are investigating a murder case involving a 27-year-old Zimbabwean woman who was found dead in her own house.”

Modo further confirmed Senzeni’s version of events, adding that in his statement, Ellionair’s husband mentioned he left his wife at their home at around 1400hrs for work.

“He said he left her with their two-year-old son and the gardener only to return later to find her dead with his other children stranded outside their home,” said the police boss.

Modo noted that although a postmortem has not yet been conducted, it seems the woman died as a result of the deep cuts sustained to her head.

“It looks like he used a sharp object and literally butchered her around the head area,” commented Modo.

Tenjani is also suspected to have made away with a laptop, clothes and a phone.