Busted by a broken condom

The tale of the naughty soldier, the pregnant mistress and the merciful wife

A steamy night of sex at an upmarket lodge between a married soldier and his mistress ended with a broken condom, a pregnancy and an exposed affair.

Somewhat inevitably, it also led to a marriage wrecking case.

However, in an unexpected twist to proceedings, instead of demanding a huge amount of money from her love rival, the betrayed wife, Sinah Nshimwe, 33, forgave her husband’s pregnant mistress – on condition that she ends the affair immediately.

Paying the price for her night of passion, Kesego Basime, 36, appeared before Mogoditshane Kgotla on Tuesday morning accused of trying to destroy Nshimwe’s marriage.

The unemployed Basime admitted to having an affair with Nshimwe’s husband, 33-year-old Thuso Kalundu, who is a soldier based at Sir Seretse Khama Barracks.

“During the evening we spent at Lamina lodge, the condom broke and I fell pregnant,” she said calmly, betraying little emotion as she spoke.

Busted by a broken condom
LENIENT WIFE: Sinah Nshaimwe

In her defence, Basime, who was in a relationship herself, maintained that Kalundu told her he had a girlfriend and children but was not married.

The Kanye-based Basime further revealed that the couple dated freely and even attended functions together as she did not realise she was doing anything wrong.

The accused home-wrecker admitted Nshimwe had previously warned her Kalundu was married but said she dismissed it as a ‘jealous prank’ when the BDF man denied it.

During her testimony, a visibly upset Nshimwe, who works at Botswana Couriers as an accountant, said she repeatedly told the defendant to stay away from her husband.

According to the mother of three, things came to a head when she learnt that the cheating couple were spending the night together at Lamina lodge in Mogoditshane.

“When I arrived at the lodge, the management refused to show me the room where Basime was sleeping with my husband,” narrated the teary-eyed Nshimwe, before dramatically exhibiting her marriage certificate for the court and the mistress to see.

Presiding over the case, Chief Tswina Mochudi asked the frustrated wife what action she hoped to take against her love rival.

Busted by a broken condom
Thuso Kalundu

Fearing the worst, the defendant bowed her head, closing her eyes in nervous anticipation.

Seconds later she was gasping in shocked relief, as Nshimwe replied that she just wanted Basime to leave her husband alone.

Warning her that having an affair with a married man was against the law, Mochudi ordered Basime to bow and beg for forgiveness.

She duly did, promising to stay away from Kalunda, who was not present during the hearing.

When asked after court about the pregnancy, Basime said she intends to keep the baby – an unlikely happy ending to a messy affair!

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