ARRESTED: Kgathi and Alphius

Shaw Kgathi’s son arrested for drugs

In a case that could be interesting to follow, the last born son of Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi appeared at Lobatse Magistrate court on Monday,charged with unlawful possession of habit forming drugs.

Lone Thabang Kgathi (23) appeared before Magistrate Thekollo Letsholo with his alleged partners in crime Tumisang Tlhalefang (24), Kgosietsile Geoffrey Dihutso (23) and Alphius Raditladi (25).

The four stood confidently inside the dock and selected English as their preferred language when being cross-examined except Raditladi who opted to be addressed in Setswana.

The quartet was arrested on Sunday around0730hrs at Pitsane village during a road block.

After a thorough search, the suspects were found in possession of 11 white blocks packaged in Romany cream biscuits box and thirty pieces contained in a packet of Zimba chips suspected to be methacatinone.

Despite prosecutor Dumane Chakasala’s objection of bail as he feared they would interfere with police investigations, Letsholo granted the four alleged drug dealers P1000.00 bail each and ordered the to report at their nearest police stations such as G-west and Broadhurst every week.

The case continues on December 6.

About Methcathinone

Methcathinone , also known as Methedrone or Cat is one of the most commonly used illicit drugs in South Africa. Illicit drugs represent the largest volume of criminal cases that are examined by forensic science laboratories. If you need support to overcome addiction, this page of addictedminds.com has an online and in-person consultation services.

It comes in the form of tablets or a powder, which users can swallow, snort or inject, producing similar effects to cocaine.

Its other street names are, Drone, M-Kat, Ghetto Coke, Star Speed and Kat to name a few.

Side effects

While under the influence of Methcathinone, individuals typically experience the same effects as other drugs that stimulate the central nervous system including reducing fatigue, blocking hunger, impulsive and erratic behavior, boosting energy, and causing a jittery sensation. With a higher dose, the drug user may experience irritability, anxiety or severe depression, and paranoia.

Sources: www.addictionsearch.com, www.homedetox.co.za