Businesses drown in floods
Alam's Shop

The recent downpours in Moshupa have left many business people counting their losses after floods spawned by the pounding rain swept away their property.

Although the rescue teams assisted some residents to vacate their homesteads, others watched in despair as their small-stock and property washed away.

At Mogaung ward, not far from Moshupa River, the uncontrollable floods forced their way into shops, cracking walls and leaving goods soaked in water.

Speaking to The Voice, one of the frustrated shop owners Masud Alam (28) who was busy trying to clear the waste from his shop, told of his ordeal.

Businesses drown in floods
Cracked buildings

“Majority of the food I sell has been damaged by the water. I have no option but to throw it away. It is quite a big loss to my business,” he said.

Alam’s workers removed many packets of sweets that were soaked in water from the shop, he says that he will be installing the best sump pump in his store next time to prevent this form happening. 

Some of the hungry villagers gathered at the dumping site and picked some of the damaged food for consumption.

A farmer that reared chickens from his backyard also told of how he lost all his birds.

Devastated Welcome Kgasa, described the tragic experience.

“We’ve always had rain in the area every rainy season, but we never had such kind of floods. The last time such floods were heard of was in 1957,” he said and added that other desperate residents benefited from his ordeal as they took the dead chickens and sold them at cheaper prices.

Businesses drown in floods
Kgasa’s dead chickens

The heavy rains also swept away the already damaged bridge along Kanye-Moshupa road, that collapsed during the festive holidays.

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