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EXCITING TIMES: Tumelo Komane at the launch of BURS' eServices

Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) officially launched their e-services to the business community in Gaborone this week.

Speaking at the launch, BURS representative Tumelo Komane explained that anyone who makes a payment to BURS immediately becomes eligibile for the corporation’s e-services and can make payments online.

Komane claimed the service is cost effective and will also prove extremely convenient as it will save time, with customers will no longer having to worry about queuing.

“Online payments shall be made in accordance with the electronic payment procedure detailed on our website. This service is not new, it started in 2013 but customers were only allowed to file VAT returns online and had to come to our offices to make payments, which was not ideal,” noted Komane.

Highlighting what the improved service now offers, Komane said, “It includes application for tax registration, filling and payment of all tax types, including, VAT, Customs Duties, Excise Duties, PAYE and Income Tax. We want to make it easy for tax payers to comply and we want to move away from manual files.”

She added that BURS’ intention was to create a more- effective, efficient system as the previously-used manual process was afflicted with numerous hindrances, including the loss of documents and information.

She further revealed there will be transaction notifications in the form of mobile phone messages, as well as emails for proof of payment.

Komane assured customers that their information will be kept safe and provate, explaining that their website is cyber protected so that no one can interfere with their transactions.

Giving a vote of thanks, the Voice Newspaper’s General Manager, Gomolemo Kasale, stressed that the new development is vital to the business community.

He noted that digital platforms continue to grow and, as a result, businesses ways of doing things have become easier and more convenient.

Kasale congratulated BURS for the exciting milestone and urged all businesses to embrace and maximize its potential.

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