All said and done, do you feel this poor tree deserved to be killed just because our first president took a rest under it years ago?

Police are in search of hooligans who destroyed the tree at Nshakazhokwe village along Tutume road which was used as a resting place and half-station for the late President Sir Seretse Khama while on a journey to Maitengwe village.
There are strong suspicions that the tree was burnt by aggrieved members of the unions who are currently on strike. The incident happens a few weeks after President Khama’s visit to the village

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Ga oa solva sepe, se o se dirileng ke go oketsa kgotlelesego ya lefatshe. Se re senyetse rra kana o mma. Stop it


If its union members who did this,they should stop being childish.Otherwise they run the risk of losing empathy from some of us…


I am sorry, I will not feel pity for that tree. If it was that special, they would have protected it long ago and maybe even put a structure to mark that it has sentimental significance. Now it’s too late. Mophane o, o remilwe ke batho ba ba bapalang phane ba o swelela hela gore ka gore o motelele, o ba itsa go bapala ko godimo ha phane e tsile. So ba o remile ba bo ba o tshuba. Gone don’t we have enough place named after Seretse Khama. If we are going to hunt hooligans for cutting an unprotected… Read more »


@Rarefri.hahahaha!Heish,you are a funny guy waitse.


ha nkabe ke le ko maun nka be kere Raferi wa poka


ditlhare di a sha everyday mara ga le tsose modumo….ths one le sone ke setlhare fela,its not like go bolailwe motho or anythn…..let it go ao!!!!!!!!!!!!


batho ba di union ba golegiwa..Ao batho ke eng o kare ba tla pegwa molato le mo dilong tse di senang mosola..


ijoo ke mathata!


mophane ke mophane fela,fa nako ya one e tsile ga go na yo o ka o kganelang,Modimo ke ene a itseng


One or two trees down doesnt hv to cause concern…it is like one or two people killed akere?


Kante when they say the 1st president took a rest under the tree, are they politely saying o ne a ntsha boloko under the tree? He rested under so many trees, why is this one special?


sepinache bathong hei…..


Now they are nologer protecting human life and property they are protecting 1 tree. Go tshamikiwa ka resources mapodisi a teng ba kobiwe mo tirong. Magodu a a re tshwenya bone ba batla ba or moremi wa setlhare le gone se se mo jarateng ya ga ope.

Chris M

You guys are of small minds! Do you really know how brilliant Sir Seretse was for this country and the wider SADC? Do you know how any monument or heritage site that has connections to him as such a big figure could be a lure for money spinning tourism that contributes hugely to our national coffers? My word!


Spinach….Spinach..Spinach..though I respect & admire Sir Seretse I cant hide my hatred for his son. We have enough places, streets, buildings…& even individuals named after this guy. Just one tree down will not destroy his legacy. I am also wondering what he was doing under that tree and who saw him……

To Whom It Concerns

Forget about ditlhare for a minute.

How many PEOPLE lost their lives as a direct consequencequence of the strike that Ian couldn’t resolve. I bet his government doesn’t really care about that, and they will never release the official figures.

He would rather use our resources to visit a tree in the middle of a national crisis.

Doesn’t people realise that this is an insult to every Motswana irrespecive of what party you allign to, I mean TREES are being given priority over HUMAN LIVES!!

Bathong ba Modimo!!!

mma menatenate

raseriri ga a kgathale ka batho…..le fa di ka swa ga kena sepe ebile ke di reketse disjamboek ke tsile go di betsa tota for strikin…yone e batla setlhare sa yone

Rraagwe Software

@ Spinach. ka setswana ha mogolo a ile sese gatwe o ile go ipereka. in this article gatwe he rested so o ne a sa ntshe boloko. he was just resting coz o ne a lapile. what confuses me ke gore he rested under so many trees


hahahahahaha.. waitse Batswana ba a mpolaya…Spinach wee!..hahaha


” I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a Tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in summer wear a nest of birds in her hair; Upon whose bosom frost has lain Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree. Joyce Kilmer 1914″ more could and still be done!!!! Keep Guessing!!!

easy tingz

it wil neva be Khamaland Republic..setlhare se se kwa bokalaka, se digilwe ke makalaka…it shows dat ga le ihlaloganye lona ba dige ba sehlare…u’ve bin livin wit dat tree for years, y shud u cut it at seleka…yone ga ena sepe le sehlare e na le bogosi ko serowe


Se tla omelela leng re tle re se ore!!!


Sethare se se ta a re losa. Ka ba se rata thata, a bogolo ba se olele ba se ise Serowe ko museum se dirwe jaaka monna yole El Negro yo o neng a hithwa ko Gaborone morago ga go nna ko Germany 100 years.Tsatsi le ba se tsayang go tshwarwe tirelo ya phitho e bo baruti ba kopela diganana tse di se tshubileng maitshwarelo ko Modimong. Kana gatwe Seretse e ne ya re a le ko kgoteng ko dikgaolong tsa kgalagadi a rola sethako a sala ka lenao hela, a bo a gata ha hatshe. Gatwe monnamogolo mongwe a… Read more »

bonang fa!! batswana, tlogelang go bua ka setlhare.. a re bueng ka matshelo a rona. setlhare seo se special go le kae gona le botshelo ja motho.. legone yo o lo reileng are ke batho ba strike ke mang? a ba raya areng? koko ya ntlha go lela lee ke la yone.. le ha tlou e ka tenega ya diga setlhare seo lware strike or maru a seitaya lwa re strike. a lona le mathata le strike or lo terepile mongwe mo go sone. lo leka go mmatlela toronko.. plz lets focus the future. n remov yoke from our neck..


kare haele di comments tse dingwe gadi ntshiwe kante ele gore go berekega jaang bagarona


Ufu!!! sethare hela sethare, se ka le dira gore le thapaole bagolo jalo. the batho thong botho……..