Building a smarter Bots

President Mokgweetsi Masisi says his government will avail all the enabling platforms, including capital injection, in a bid to support the country’s transformation to a knowledge-based economy.

Masisi was opening the Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association Annual Conference (SAMSA) Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) in Palapye on Monday.

“I know that the Ministry of Education is working hard to review the curriculum. But I did caution, I don’t think they did review enough to be honest, in order for us to comfortably reveal that we have what it takes at the elementary level to provide a launch pad for transformation to a knowledge-based economy,” noted Masisi warily.

Having been given a prepared speech, the President put it away and spoke from the heart.

According to Masisi, who led the Ministry of Education before becoming the Vice President and then President, not enough has been done in terms of problem-solving opportunities provided.

“There isn’t nearly enough evidence that the basic methods used will result in what we want – and that is what need from you the experts in a conference such as this,” he challenged, adding that politicians ‘harvest’ what is best from experts.

The President warned that the country would have to ‘recreate’ itself in order to base its livelihood on knowledge.

“We are very advanced in our negotiations with a university in the U.S to create a platform to trade in knowledge. Nobody has done it, we are a little bit scared, but we are going to do it!” maintained Masisi.

Giving a keynote address, Professor Abba Gumel of Arizona State University explained that a knowledge-based economy is essentially an economy based on knowledge-intensive activities.

“A key component of a knowledge-based economy is a greater rise in intellectual capacity to come up with new ideas that catalyze human development,” noted Gumel.

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