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I recently attended the YALDA conference and I must say I learnt quite a lot especially on how to be a successful businessperson. This week I am sharing with you my fellow young people some of the things that were said by those who made it in life on what we need to do to succeed and build a better Africa.

Mr. Neo Moroka’s (CEO of De Beers, Botswana)
Vision: Ability to see with your mind and not with your eyes. See things that others cannot see
Burning desire to succeed: Always be hungry to get a step higher than you are. It can never be enough.
Passion: Love what you do and have a passion for it. Be committed to what you want to do and see opportunities where others see problems.
Patience/Perseverance: Patience is a virtue. Mr. David Magang and Nelson Mandela are very good examples of what Perseverance can do for an individual. Youth should invest time, the price you pay for success is the time you invest.

Tiny Kgatlwana’s (CEO of BIFM)
What might be boring for someone might not be boring for you, what’s an obstacle for another might be an opportunity for you.
Build relationships with those you work and network with other people from other businesses.
When entering a new environment, do not relax and feel at home, work harder than the people you find there and make things easier for yourself.
Things do not always work out as planned so do not stress yourself
Outgrow yourself out of a job, you do not want to stay stationary at one position, move up the ladder.
Remember reward does not mean money, reward is the growth that you incur as an individual.
Brains do not work according to sex, male and female have the same capabilities… Do not take a back seat because of your gender.

Mr. Owen Rampha (Yarona FM Station Manager)
If you are passionate about media then do media studies. Gone are the days when people where were just picked from the streets to be radio/TV personalities or Journalist, it is taken seriously now. Remember, it’s passion before the fame!
If you want to pass time by being into radio then it will not work, radio is not a part time job
Radio is used to promote positive change in the society, it’s the biggest medium to get across messages and ideas.
Entertainers are viewed as role models and so they should use the opportunity to inspire and empower young people to positivity and prosperity.

There you go guys, hope you put into practice the above and make a change. Remember, thinking is the hardest job to do that’s why a lot of people don’t think, so do the hardest job there is and think of ideas and ways to be Africa’s Development Wave.

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