Botswana Telecommunication Corporation Limited (BTCL) Managing Director, Anthony Masunga says the corporation has lost a significant share in the mobile market.

He made the announcement during the company’s latest annual report, explaining that even though the business registered a 2 percent growth in total mobile subscriber, its mobile market share declined by 15 percent.

“This was a result of the general growth in the overall mobile market subscriber base and an intensely competitive mobile market share,” stated Masunga, adding that some SIM cards will continue to fall off the market as operators enforce SIM registration requirements.

Despite suffering a substantial loss in the mobile market share, BTCL, which is the only public listed telecom company, remains the dominant player in the fixed broadband market with a massive 72 percent market share.

“We have, however received some pressure from new and existing Internet Service Providers on the fixed broadband product offering, but have been able to maintain our market leadership position,” declared the BTCL MD, noting this wasachieved due to the organisation’s extensive fixed network and improved quality.

As a result, Masunga says they have seen an increase in usage, led by the residential segment, registering a four percent increase in fixed broadband usage.

Another telling issue which the company has continuously raised is the highly regulated environment in which it operates.

“Last year, I mentioned that we continued to lobby the regulator for a more equitable and competitive landscape which is in the best interest of mobile network operators and the public with a focus on a number of portability to be implemented,” he stressed.

Post the period under review, Masunga says the regulator has announced the commencement of such portability measures.

“This is a welcome development for us as we believe it will significantly contribute to leveling the playing field.”

Masunga says there are other regulatory frameworks which came into effect post the year under review which will most likely affect how they do business.

These regulatory developments include the enactment of the new Electronic Payment Service Act, Data Protection Act and Spectrum Management Strategy.

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