brutal son- Disang

A savagely violent man who recently attacked a woman and wounded her with an axe on the head was this week brought before a Palapye magistrates court for setting his mother’s houses on fire.

Last week Boineelo Disang, 30, who has since been banished from home after the axe incident was granted bail after hacking Ellen Baswi with an axe.

Yesterday he once again appeared at the Palapye Magistrates court in chains for setting his mother’s two houses on fire.

State prosecutor, Sergeant Mpho Nthabane, pleaded with the court to have Nthabane locked up as investigations into the two cases were still ongoing.”The suspect is a threat to the community and the complainant also lives in constant fear of him,” the prosecutor pleaded.

Disang who is said to have once stabbed a Police officer with a knife in 2010 will appear for mention on September 22.

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