Kgafela appoints administrator to tackle Kgosi Nyalala

The self exiled Bakgatla paramount chief, Kgafela Kgafela has given his battle for supremacy in Moruleng a new twist after appointing an administrator to bring down his defiant uncle, Kgosi Nyalala Pilane.

The administrator Amon Moagi, a prominent South African businessman and Bishop of a local church, was introduced to the tribe at a packed meeting in Moruleng on Sunday.

He will also run the affairs of Bakgatla in Moruleng and Mochudi.

Kgafela told the tribe that Moagi will take on Nyalala, who allegedly embezzled close to R5 billion belonging to Bakgatla.

To the amusement of the tribe, Kgafela revealed he is a beneficiary of the embezzled money.

He said some beneficiaries include South African High Court Judges, the African National Congress (ANC), high profile police officers and other political parties in and outside South Africa.

“I am one of the beneficiaries of the dirty money from Pilane. He told me the R5 million he gave me was for the upkeep of the KgosiKgolo. I have the records of what I did with that money,” he said, amidst thunderous applause and laughter from the tribe.

Moagi’s appointment, Kgafela said, came as advise from a royal family member, Victor Modimakwane, after a protracted legal battle against Kgosi Nyalala, which Kgafela lost at Mahikeng High Court.

The determined Moagi told the tribe that he is investigating Pilane. He said his task is to make sure that Pilane accounts for the missing money.

“I have the records that Pilane is not recognised as a chief in South Africa, as he does not have a certificate to practice. He has violated the laws of this country. My job has been made simple as I will have to ask every Mokgatla to sign a petition that will be delivered to the Premier and President Jacob Zuma,” he said.

Moagi says by next month, he will have forced Pilane out of the office to allow for smooth auditing of the books.

He told the tribe, “Nothing will stop me from removing Pilane from office. I have submitted a confidential report to KgosiKgolo Kgafela that is incriminating Nyalala. However, I am still giving him the respect to work with us peacefully. The law will take its course,” he said.

Moagi is well known for resolving chieftainship issues in South Africa, especially in Polokwane.

Vowing to fight the battle to the bitter end, he said, “I have accepted to be your servant. I will do as you wish. I have all the right connections in this country. I have the right connections in the country. I can’t say Pilane is a thief until I have all the necessary documents implicating him. Until then, I say the gloves are off to bring Nyalala down.”

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