Bring back our Prince!
IN DEMAND: Prince Maele


Lecheng villagers have expressed disappointment following Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) decision to suspend Member of Parliament (MP) for Lerala-Maunatlala constituency, Prince Maele last Friday.

Maele’s one-year suspension means he will not be able to stand in the coming October general elections under the BDP. The former Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services was suspended for declaring his undying support for the former President, Ian Khama in a kgotla meeting in Moremi.

The constituents vowed not to vote in the coming elections if the matter is not resolved and their candidate re-instated.

Maele won the BDP primary elections against Sethabelo Modukanele, securing a narrow victory by 3, 528 votes to 3, 231.

The Voice’s Portia Mlilo took to the streets of Lecheng to gage the mood and get voters reaction to their MP’s suspension.
They did not mince their words!

Joseph Kerona Dintwa

Former President Seretse Khama once said no one can break BDP even opposition parties, it is only its own members who can do it.

Maele is a hard worker and did well in the responsibility he was given as a minister.

Modukanele lost the primary elections in 2014, stood as an independent candidate and he lost before joining BMD.

Last year, Carter Morupisi and Masisi came here to recruit him to re-join BDP so that they can plant him against Maele.

Modukanele lost again against Maele in the primaries.

This tension comes from far and I believe they want Modukanele to replace Maele.

If those words angered BDP leadership then it means the end of the party.

I am a council candidate for Mogapi under AP but what they did against Maele is not fair.

If BDP wins I will just respect our constitution to regard Masisi as the President. But he is petty!

Kebafilwe Gaboitsewe Dimpe, 62,

What has he done? If Maele will not stand for elections I will not vote.

We lost former deputy chairperson of BDP Youth League, Charles Majweng to UDC; we can’t afford to lose Maele!

I am a diehard member of BDP and there is nothing wrong with what he said.

Leadership could have called him for disciplinary just like any other child who has wronged his parents.

Maybe he had done something before and it was a trap, those are not words that can make them suspend Maele.

I loved Masisi but if he suspends Maele then I am afraid I will not vote.

Johannes Taedi More, 94,

He said those words in a kgotla meeting not a political rally and in Setswana ‘mafoko a kgotla a mantle otlhe’.

That is not a valid reason. He did not insult anyone. He did not even say he loves Khama not Masisi.

Was Masisi there when Maele said those words?

Where do they get the guts to suspend him without informing us as constituents?

Does that mean we are also on suspension?

Who are we going to vote in the general elections?

If they bring another candidate, we will not support him because that will break the party.

Whoever advised Masisi to make this decision misled him because he will lose this constituency.

Why can’t they forgive him? I became a member of BDP in 1962 and I have never seen this happening.

Kethamile Montsho, 33,

I did not like the party’s decision and it is not fair on our side as voters.

It will take time to decide who should replace Maele because we must vote so that we have a representative in parliament.

If he stands as an independent candidate, I will vote for him. I don’t find anything wrong with what he said.

Why are they bringing this now, while it happened months ago? There is something fishy.

Gaethuse Ramahalapye, 40,

I am against my party’s decision. At the moment everyone knows we have factions within the party.

Not everyone supports Masisi. This is just personal. We long heard he would be suspended before going to Kang.

We voted him and we can’t be forced to vote for someone who lost in the primary elections.

This is not the right time to make such a harsh decision.

I wouldn’t have a problem if Maele lost in the elections but not him being denied to stand for the elections.

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