Breakthrough in tripple murder case
ACCUSED: Diwanga

Another suspect arrested in Namibia

Police have made another breakthrough in the murder of a family of three with the arrest of another suspect, Thamas Gilala in Namibia.

Appearing in court this week, Detective Sergeant Marapo told the court that Gilala is supected to be linked with the murder case before the Broadhurst Magistrate Court because he was last seen with the other accused on the same matter, Kativa Diwanga who is currently in custody.

Furthermore, Marapo said the suspect was found in possession of a passport belonging to Methuseli Nsoliwa, who was killed alongside his wife and their two-year older daughter weeks ago in Tsholofelo East, Gaborone.

Besides the passport, he is also alleged to have been in possession of a cell phone with contacts of persons known to the deceased family.

An investigations team was expected to leave for Namibia on Thursday this week to carry out further investigations on the matter.

Meanwhile, 33-year old Diwanga was this week further remanded in custody as the prosecution requested for additional two weeks to complete their investigations.

He is expected to be back in court on July 18 for his bail application.

When given an opportunity to say some something, Diwanga told court that he had a loan with Barclays Bank, which he was servicing with proceeds from his business.

“My business is the one assisting me to repay the loan, and currently there is no one running it. I am also yet to notify the bank about this,” he said.

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