CONSULTING: Seretse and Kerekang with attorney Ngakayagae

Broadhurst Regional Magistrate, Christopher Gabanagae, has postponed to June 8th his ruling in a case where businessman Bakang Seretse and his co-accused seek to have their bail conditions relaxed.

Magistrate Gabanagae explained that he had to postpone the ruling set for today as the state attorney only submitted his supplementary arguments late yesterday.

Seretse and his co- accused, Botho Leburu and Kenneth Kerekang want the court to relax some of their bail conditions amongst others; to be given back their passports and some of their vehicles that had been confiscated during the investigation.

The infamous money laundering case follows allegations of misuse of the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) where about P 250 million is reportedly unaccounted for.

The case which has since sparked a lot of media attention also saw parliament resolving to have the matter heard by its Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The recent PAC sitting has since established that the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) diverted funds that were intended to set up fuel storages across the country to procurement of spy equipment from Israel.

The case continues.

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