Two weeks ago when I last wrote, I was demoralized with my progress and felt like I was letting myself and you, the readers down. I was losing weight, yes, but much slower than I would have liked.

THE CYCLISTS: Thea and husband Tshekedi Khama(in t-shirts) fl anked by well wishers during the tour. (pic courtesy of Fifi Loewen Photography)

I was cheered up only by the fact that my measurements were dropping, my clothes fit better and my resting heart rate had improved. So what more could I possibly do to move beyond the area of little variation in change that I perceived?

-The Tour Ya Botswana
Kasane to Gaborone 1000km -7 Days
I went to support my husband the Hon. Member of Parliament for Serowe Northwest Tshekedi Khama in his bid to complete this bicycle tour to raise funds for the two charities BOSASNet and Kings Foundation.  It was a well supported event with our Botswana milieu as the backdrop.

I couldn’t help myself, and decided to ride my bike as I had no other way of training and I packed a cooler box in a trailer hooked to the back of my car to help me stay on track of my diet.The ride started with a bang as the Wildlife Department fired blank shots in the air to warn resident elephants of our presence.

There were nervous moments for the group as we pumped our legs up the only hill in Kasane and were reminded of our miniaturization in Mother Nature’s eyes. During the tour stages, I learned a very important lesson which was to quit while ahead.

I had promised both my trainer Donald and my physio Steven that I would not sabotage the strides we had made by injuring myself or overdoing and exhausting my back. Therefore, I paid close attention to my body and while I was seemingly still strong, I would suddenly jump off the bike and get in the car. The minute I did this, I would start on my recovery. Icing my legs, bringing my core temperature down, drinking recovery drinks and eating and rehydrating became a routine.

The Tour Ya Botswana was all about giving. When we give of ourselves without selfish motives we raise our vibration to another level. Believe it or not this makes us lighter! I once lost 5 kilograms just by thinking positively and from a point of love and gratitude each day.

For the first four days of the Tour, I cycled further and longer than I thought and I could still manage to give 22 free massages to my husband and the cyclists as well as act as a support crew organizer. I am not trying to brag, I am only trying to show you how it can be done.

You might not need to cycle 1000kms but maybe there is another way you could consider giving back to your community while also challenging yourself to go beyond your perceived limitations. So, anytime, you feel stuck in a rut, remember that as long as you are alive you can climb out of it and pave the way for others.

This is what the Tour did for me. It shattered my plateau, broke my barriers of what I believed was possible, and got me to the next level of my challenge.

I could not post a winner to the inspiring blog competition as I still have not received any message of inspiration from any of my readers at my blog site:  so I am still waiting to giveaway a 60 minute massage from Energym SPA to one lucky winner. Since last week I have lost 2 more centimetres plus 2 more kilos off waist, hips, bums and thighs. I WILL achieve my goals. We have extended the competition entries to the end of Ocotober for the Challenge Your Body for Charity program at Energym. Call 3161502 for details.

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