Zebras VS Bafan Bafana

We have all seen the draw and discussed it while in South Africa. We know that people think it is a simple draw but in football there is no small team unless you have played and beaten them before. We are in the dark as to what the likes of Somalia and Ethiopia are capable of so we will not take them lightly. We will be taking every game as it comes not just the Bafana Bafana one. We can beat South Africa twice and lose all the other games that won’t be useful to us. The coach also briefly talked about the draw and warned us not to think would be easy.

Back in town
Oh yes we are back home from Pretoria. We played a number of games against local teams there and they were all good training matches. The idea was not just to win and hammer the teams but rather to give the coach a chance to assess players. We played Mpumalanga Black Aces, Super sport, Swaziland and Bay United. We didn’t lose any of the games. It is important that we keep the winning momentum until our last match against Togo.

Our presence in South Africa attracted a lot of attention, scouts were always present in the matches we played in Pretoria. Although there may be no official correspondence there is no doubt that some scouts are interested in some players. I can only say some players have been invited for trials and it will be up to their teams to see to it that they get the contracts. I want to reiterate that it is not like we don’t have good players here. They Are there and it is only about has the right connections and the power of negotiating. So hopefully guys will make the grade there.

I hear the media have already started speculating about my expected move to Zamalek in Egypt. I have just arrived in the country and will be meeting my bosses to discuss any possible move.  There is nothing to say as of now. If such an opportunity comes I will grab it with both hands like any other player. I am still contracted to Centre Chiefs so hopefully a fair deal for both parties will be made.

The league will be starting and we are finalising preparations at our club. Chiefs looks more prepared than any other team. We are ready to slaughter teams. I can only encourage supporters to go to the grounds and not just be arm chair critics. Fans must learn to be members with valid cards not just people who complain. This season hopefully there will be more competition because it looks like teams are prepared.


I grew older and even wiser on Tuesday. I celebrated my birthday at work with the boys. I enjoyed the day. It means I am growing and becoming an elder this means more responsibilities. I responded to all the messages posted on Face book wall; it was nice receiving such messages from well wishers.

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