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Brand Botswana welcomes back Vincent Crosbie

Brand Botswana welcomes back Vincent Crosbie

Brand Botswana today welcomed back Dakar Rally racer Vincent Crosbie.

Giving an impressive showing at his maiden rally, Crosbie became the first Motswana to participate in the race that took place over 14 days crossing between three Southern American nations, Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia.

At a press conference to address the media on Crosbie’s journey to the Dakar Rally and his triumph in completing the race, BITC Chief Executive Officer LetsebeSejoe highlighted how proud the nation was of the racer.

“Vincent is a true reflection of how we would like to see Batswana represent Botswana on the international stage, he came to us and said his plan was to race and finish, he did as promised. As Brand Botswana we are proud to have helped him achieve his dream by sponsoring him and are also proud of the impact he has had in helping brand the country on the global motorsport arena.”

Brand Botswana helped Crosbie’s quest to Dakar by sponsoring the rider to the tune of P250 000.

The amount helped Crosbie raise the total of P900 000 he needed to compete in the rally.

For his part, Crosbie said he was grateful for the experience and was happy to have managed to cross the finish line.

“When I left here I aimed to complete the race and that is what we achieved. I had a lot of support from different sponsors who all ensured that I was able to compete with all that was needed for the rally.”

Giving a testimony on the Dakar Rally experience, Crosbie stated that it was the toughest race he had ever  participated in.

“It was tough, I practiced a lot leading up to the rally, however being in the competition and experiencing all types of terrains and changing weather patterns was a gruelling challenge. I saw many experienced racers get stuck and fail to make it, this is why I’m grateful and motivated to work harder for Dakar 2018.”

Crosbie said going forward he will continue to practice and raise his profile for the next Dakar Rally and would like to give back by having more Batswana go with him to the rally.

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