Brand Botswana Deputy Director, Ludo Mokotedi is a young petite lady with one of the biggest portfolios in as far as marketing and branding the country is concerned. Voice lifestyle reporter sat down with her over a cup of cappuccino to find out more about this dynamite in a small package and what her job entails.


Please introduce yourself

Ludo Mokotedi

As you already know, my name is Ludo Mokotedi, I was born in Lobatse but my home village is Metlojane in the southern parts of the country. I am a wife and a mother of two lovely kids Leungo who is five and 10 months old Lerako. Career wise I am the Deputy Director, Brand Botswana.

I know like most people you will ask me who the director is because you have never heard of him/her, at the moment there is none.

What exactly is your role at Brand Botswana?
It is to put into action strategies that have been drawn up to market the concept and the brand. We are also building stakeholder relations as we believe every organization and individual has a role to play in as far as Botswana as a brand is concerned.

Tell us about the tagline of Brand Botswana, why was the original changed to the current?
The initial tagline was opportunity and tranquility beckon but stakeholders felt the wording was heavy and did not properly represent the country and its people. After further consultations ‘our pride, your destination’ was settled for as it stands for what Batswana believe. Botswana is our pride as Batswana and it is the destination of choice for tourists, investors and general visitors.

In your point of view, do you think Batswana understand and appreciate the whole idea behind the Brand Botswana concept?
We are still in the process of educating them about it but so far yes they seem to understand and appreciate the concept.

What makes you proud as a Motswana and the lady in charge of the brand?
The things that we have achieved as a country, good governance, peace and stability. Botswana is a model of democracy in the region and research has shown that we are the least corrupt country.  What also makes me proud is the fact that the country is future oriented and there are strategies in place to make sure that we get to where we want to be. What comes to mind in terms of strategies are the different hubs that have been established to coordinate various sectors which are in line with the growth of the country. We have a compelling story to tell about our country and I am proud to tell that story of success.

Still on branding Botswana, there have been concerns that All Kasi, which is a local brand is no longer part of the national team yet it is something that Batswana were proud of and

CONFIDENT: Ludo Mokotedi

was somehow part of Brand Botswana since the pride mark was printed on the jerseys, your take?
The mark was not really on the national team jerseys but the replicas. I would not want to comment on the issues of All Kasi and the national team but what I can say is that we use different forums, events and disciplines such as sports to market the brand hence we had the mark on the replica jerseys.

But don’t you think this was a major setback in terms of marketing Botswana and its local brands?
Like I have said I wouldn’t want to comment on issues that involve other entities because it is not my place to do so. We continue to explore other ways and partnership that we can get into to market the brand. As you may be aware, we recently got into a partnership with Debswana and more is yet to come in terms of such partnership.

In fact we have also partnered with the local radio programme Makgabaneng so that we can use it as a tool to spread the brand concept.

Ok, I hear you, now let’s divert and talk about yourself. You must be proud of yourself that you are in charge of Brand Botswana.
It’s not in my nature to feel proud. What makes me happy is that one day I will look back and say I was part of the team that branded Botswana.

And do you support local brands?
Of course I do, when I buy I always make sure that I check out local brands first. I have nice pieces of art at home which were done by local artists.

How would you react when one tells you that you are a very successful lady?
It depends on what you mean by successful because I don’t define success by the amount of money that one has or the material things that one possesses. To me success is when I achieve the things I have set out to do and seeing my family happy.

What are your dreams?
To succeed in everything that I do, to see my family grow, not in numbers but in terms of achieving our dreams. My husband has lots of aspirations and I hope and pray that his wishes come to pass. I also want us to grow together as a couple and as best friends that we are.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From my family, my husband and kids are my greatest sources of inspiration, I am at my happiest form when I am around them.

What pisses you off?
People with negative energy, in fact the moment I realize that someone has nothing but negativity I cut myself off from them because I just can’t stand such people.

When you are long gone, what do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for sticking to my values, what I believe in and for practicing what I preach. I have mentioned that I hate negativity so I cannot be seen or heard talking otherwise. I am a positive person no matter what.

Three words that best describe you
Direct, reliable and ambitious

How do you unwind or spend your weekends?
I love spending quality time with my family, cooking and inviting friends over for a meal. I don’t know if I can say I am good cook but I love experimenting with food and trying out recipes. I also love reading and I am part of reading club where we read, exchange books and discuss what we would have read about.

Its father’s day this Sunday, anything special planned for the day?
My husband is not really fussy about such days but we will definitely be putting something together for him.

Fact file
Full names: Ludo Mokotedi
Date of birth: 08/04/78
Place of birth: Lobatse
Marital status: Married with two kids
Car driving: Discovery 2
Books reading: The power of a praying woman by Stormie Omartian, Blind Spots by Alexander Levit and Competitive Identity by Nation Brand guru, Simon Anholt
Music currently playing in the car: Chris Brown latest album
Holiday destination: Wilderness set up where she can be surrounded by nature at its best
Food: Bread and any vegetable dish
Colour: Purple
TV programme(s): Documentaries, history channel and watching news

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A sister doing it for herself. Beautiful smile too.