THERE SHALL BE DRINKS: BR brings back the alcohol

As of the 12th December 2017, Botswana rail commuters will enjoy the luxury of unwinding while imbibing on their favourite alcoholic drink on the way to their varying destinations.

A communiqué from the Botswana Railways (BR) says the railway company encourages responsible drinking among eligible patrons above the age of 18.

Only sold at the BR Express buffet, patrons will not be allowed to bring beverages from outside the train.

The beverages will come in either cans or plastic bottles as there are no glass bottles allowed aboard the train.

To the underage drinkers who will feel the need to partake in alcohol consumption, there will be stringent rules as the railway company does not condone underage drinking of alcohol.

“BR reserves the right to request proof of identification from any passenger suspected to be under the age of 18 years,” reads part of the document, which continues to state that “BR reserves the right to refuse service to any person that may appear intoxicated or impaired.”

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