Tlokweng police responded promptly to a threat to kill report this week and arrested a man who tried to kill his girlfriend for refusing to cook for him.

According to the police, it took a rubber bullet shot and extra physical force to disarm a knife-wielding Lesego Ntsimane (26) who had attempted to stab Sethunya Batsima (28) to death.

The whole drama, it is alleged, started on Wednesday afternoon when the couple arrived at the boyfriend’s house in Tlokweng and Ntsimane instructed the woman to cook for him.

Batsima is said to have told her boyfriend that she was too exhausted from the heat and needed to take a rest before she could cook.

The response is said top have angered Ntsimane who started assaulting Batsima threatening to kill her with knife.

The police, responding to a neighbour’s report, arrived in time but an unperturbed Ntsimane is said to have continued with his threats and resisted police arrest. “When the police arrived at the scene, the suspect attempted to stab them with the same knife he used to threaten his girlfriend. The police had to shoot him with a rubber bullet before they could disarm and arrest him,” he said.

Maleka said the suspect has been detained, charged with threatening to kill and resisting arrest. “He injured himself while struggling with the police officers, but after the arrest, he was taken to the hospital,” he said.

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