Kebaabetswe Gaobolawe

A 29-year-old man of Mogoditshane Kebaabetswe Gaobolawe was lashed five strokes at Mogoditshane magistrate court after he insult and assaults his 40-year-old ex-lover Thomo Chenchi.

Details of the charge sheet read before the customary court were that on February 3, Gaobolawe stormed Chenchi’s house and caused a commotion after he finds her with a different man.

“You now think you are somehow superior, you are going to feed your new lover Ernest the smelly vagina,” said Gaobolawe as stated on the charge sheet.

It was said before the court that the bitter lover pulled his ex-girlfriend and slapped her in front of the new lover, and while he assaulted Chenchi her purse fell containing money that amount to P240.00 he took and kept the money for herself.

When responding to the case, Chief Alfred Dihutso asked the suspect whether he is not ashamed to insult a grown woman as Chenchi.

Dihutso asked Chenchi if it is true she broke up with Gaobolawe.

Chenchi said her young lover left her, but came running after she finds herself a new lover, who she only knows as Ernest.

“I did not know his surname, we were about to exchange numbers but that did not happen because of Gaobolawe’s conduct,” she said.

Dihutso ordered Gaobolawe to pay back P240.00 he took from the complainant and canned for his insults.

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