INSET: Mpule outside the courtroom

She stabbed her boyfriend to death in a fight over P50 in 2013.

And now 51 -year -old Kedibonye Mpule’s future hangs in the balance as she pleads with the Francistown High Court to temper justice with mercy because she acted in self-defence.

Mpule, of Ngwapa village in Tswapong district can only hope and pray the court finds her a victim of repeated domestic violence by her lover, Kebabonye Gabafane who was 50 years of age at the time of his death.

Mpule told court this week that although she stabbed him six times on the left rib-cage it was never her intention to kill Gabafane.

She explained how after a day of binge drinking, events took a nasty twist when she defied Gabafane’s instruction to go home and collect the last P50 note they had saved for transport to spend it on beer instead.

“The money belonged to both of us. I refused to give it to him because we needed to use it for transport back to the cattle post where he (Kebabonye) was working.”

She said when they got home, while seated on top of the bed, an irate Gabafane burst into the hut shouting. I am going to kill you today. I am killing you for the P50.”

“Immediately fear came over me. I was frightened and believed he was indeed going to kill me because I knew him to be a man of his word, whenever he (Kebabonye) said something, he did it,” She testified.

She told of how he allegedly leaned on the rickety corrugated iron door and pulled out his Okapi knife.

“Blocking the doorway, there was no other way out of the hut. Kebabonye opened the knife and held it in a striking position. At the blink of an eye I stood up. I was trembling,” continued the accused.

“He tried to stab me, quickly I dodged. When he attempted for the second time, I grabbed him from behind. He tried to fight me off but I held on to him tight until I overpowered him, snatched the knife from him and stabbed him in a reflex. We were both drunk on that day, ”narrated Mpule.

The possibility of languishing in prison for many years, coupled with standing in a huge courtroom before Judge Barnabas Nyamadzabo seated high up, proved too much for Mpule who was trembling throughout trial.

During cross-examination she revealed that their relationship was tumultuous and characterised by domestic violence.

“We always quarreled and on many occasions, he beat me up. On that night, even after taking the weapon away from Kebabonye, I stabbed him because I was afraid he would continue to fight me until he got back the knife,” she said

“I wanted him to give up, so I could have a chance to escape. There was no time for me to think of closing the knife and throwing it away. I needed to go outside, and the only way was for me to disarm and immobilise the man,” said the Ipelegeng worker.

Mpule is back in court next month as trial continues.

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