The guy I am going to tell you about doesn’t need any introduction.

He is that brother who has turned street fighting into a hobby and just hits out at anything around him whenever he feels like throwing fists.

However, this time around he returns to this page in a different kind of story.

The guy, who always likes to show off his inheritance riches is said to have embarked on a new hobby in which he forces girls he picks from a club in an upmarket surburn in the outskirts of Gaborone to have sex with him (the police call it date rape).

Along with his brother, the guy is said to lure girls to his parents’ house where he would lock them and hide the keys.

The young and desperate girls then end up giving in to sex with these predators just as a way to be freed and given a ride back to Gaborone.

Young man be careful, big brother Shaya is  watching you.

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