Bouncy's wayward nipple
Bouncy's wayward nipple

Shaya really enjoyed himself at last weekend’s YAMAS.

The drinks were flowing, the atmosphere electric and the guests dressed to kill – us Batswana really are a good-looking lot!

Anyway, Shaya was especially impressed with Bouncy’s high-energy performance.

Eish, the long-legged artist oozes sex appeal!

Although she ended the night award-less, Bouncy knows how to own the stage and has the voice and moves to tantalize the crowd.

Unfortunately, Bouncy’s performance will be best remembered for a wardrobe malfunction.

Which left her nipple exposed.

It was rather embarrassing to say the least.

As Shaya snapped away Shaya kept wondering, ‘Why don’t you just pop it back in Bouncy?’

surely you could feel the draft!

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