Mogagolwane re-defined

Botswana’s fashion industry needs additional confidence and a staple fashion culture.

Furthermore there is a lack of modern Botswana Fashion culture regarding the fashion industry hence we as GaTsh Fros felt the need to design a staple collection for Botswana fashion using mogagolwane.

Megagolwane is an integral part of everyday tribal tradition and are gifted to a person at important stages of their Tswana life. i.e. when born, married, on initiation and even death.

The aim of the collection is to promote cultural dialogue, sustainable ethical products that have meaning and encourage and important part of the culture used in ceremonial events as the symbols depicted meaning and ritual to those using the blanket.

The blanket has become part of the Tswana everyday life but as a status symbol.

To outsiders it became a mark of ethnicity and therefore a token of cultural identification.

It will be a statement fashion collection that we will brand our fashion industry with, which every corner of our nation will identify and relate with.

As much as you have Ankara in the northern Africa, Kobo (mogagolane) will be our additional fashion brand in our motherland.

The KOBO-mogagolwane collection will serve as haute couture.

We want our clientele to feel PROUD, sophisticated, class and elegance when adorned with this collection.

The authentic blankets will be used to create a tailored, stylish and 21st century fashion forward Botswana fashion winter /fall wear which consist of customised coats, trench coats, stylish capes, jackets, shawls, blazers for men, dresses, skirts.

With a mix of graphic prints, abstract plaids, overlapping layers, small-scale pattern and print, textured knitwear and inspired motifs, the look is easy, comfy and casual.
The names of the collection will be categorized as

1. NGWAO TLHOLEGO : Presidential wear
2. GOBOPAONE: for the elders (grandmothers & grandfathers)
3. BOGOSI PHATLE: SERITI for women and BOGOSI for men -leopard print and goat skin blazers for dikgosi wear.
4. MOHUMAGADI: for the classy women who are into the modern day ‘first lady’ and elegant look.
5. PELANA: for the children (infants, toddlers).
6. SEGO SA METSI: for bridal wear (brides to be/ engaged / married women).
7. LORE LE OJWA (le a ojwa): Customised blazers, jackets, ponchos, trench coats, for the younger generation (youth).

This is a sneak peak to a new collection that will stamp and identify Botswana’s very own modernised traditional wear.

Look out for a gatshy launch in June –July 2014.

Make a blanket statement, Stay warm this winter with the season’s coziest outerwear!
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