With names that are attracting vast attention across the fashion field in Botswana and designs around southern-Africa, Lansmore and Hotwire invited The Voice on fashion to Lansmore fashion Show WFE 2014.

From the beat of the song, the first designer Wabona and Mary gave the impeccably dressed fashion lovers a lacy and dreamy wedding gowns affair, mid-drifts and tails.

Kaone Moremong designs screamed “dare-to-be-different attitude loud and proud” leveraging her fierce vibrant fashion prowess with her incredibly unique, flowy tulle feminine silhouettes with nods to traditional African aesthetics.
Nothing screamed individuality more than House Of Kay sponsored by African Lace bold accessories.
iZaura by Mothusi Lesolle explored an authentic modern African flavour with a twist, redefining cultural splendour and artistry, employing a palette of sun, earth and in-between, and fused the elements together with the finest international standards.

Monsieur brought in modern day men’s fashion leaving ladies panting for more. Lebo Merafhe consistently launches inspiring collections, season after season, only identified by her signature of complex patterns, textures and layers; finished with a high level of painstaking detail.

She commits to a simplicity that underlies its very essence – evolving into an International and unassailably African, fashion house. Rubicon showed simple ready to wear silhouettes paired with eye catching Thabang Dikae sandals.

Taibo Bacar didn’t disappoint.

His designs truly captured the essence of Africa through the use of striking lacey fabric, Swarovski gems, embellishments and royal greens gowns fit for a queen.

South-African designer Craig Jacobs wrote mother earth a soft story about sensitive ecological materials – mother earth pastels, limes, gathers designs, big prints of butterflies.

Black Trash finished the show with whimsical designs, bouncy colours, tutu dresses, zippers, lace, men blazers and harem pants.

The showcase oozed a fusion of its very own custom luxury prints alongside plush fabrics like silk, leather, and Chantilly lace, masterly delivering a contemporary feeling in garments yet with a strong eye for tailoring and fit.

Botswana fashion has surely grown to create a conceptual and global design hybrid and we sure can’t wait for our local designers to showcase on world platforms.


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