Botswana Bowling Association (BBA) is in the process of finalizing its rebranding exercise in order to make the association more appealing to the public and the corporate world.

“It is one step forward towards the achievement of the milestones we have set for ourselves,” said BBA chairperson Kitso.

Since its inception in 1976, lawn bowling in Botswana remains one of the low key sports in the sport codes popularity chart list, said Robert.

Bowling has also failed to attract and retain talent especially the younger generation.

The current number of bowlers stands at a paltry 160 across the country with Francistown Bowling Club having the majority of the members.

“We are in the process of finalizing the rebranding to adopt a new logo, motto and values of the association,” said Robert.

The new changes include changing the name from Botswana Bowling Association to Bowls Botswana (BoBo), their new Logo which has adopted “Kokomore or Woodpecker bird” as the brand image.

Robert said the new born image as well as the new-fangled name will be launched early next year if not in the second quarter of 2014.

He added: “The formalities to incorporate new changes in our constitution and subsequent registration with the relevant authorities are ongoing.”
“We will launch the new name and related images in 2014,” he said.

According to Robert, this is the association’s strategic plan geared towards growing membership which includes plans to adopt a school to run coaching clinics at grassroots level.

The adopted school will also run bowls fun days to attract people to the game of bowling, said Robert.


With the best believed to be made on the greens, BBA Public Relations Officer John Gaborutwe is optimistic about the rebranding exercise.

Gaborutwe said most sponsors are fond of partnering with a refreshed and a well coordinated organization with signs of continuity.

“Attracting following has been our main undoing. But with the rebranding exercise reaching its final stages, chances of us attracting people to the game are very high,” said a sanguine Gaborutwe.

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