Kaone Kario

Kaone Kario is one personality who needs no introduction as she continues to raise the country’s flag while making her mark in the fashion and modeling industry. The year was 2005 when she burst into the limelight after winning Mnet Face of Africa and since then she has never looked back. Currently scouting for opportunities in New York though based in South Africa there is no doubt that she will soon be named amongst the likes of  Naomi Campel, Tyra Banks and Alek Wek as she has what it takes to be an international model. Sinqoe Tessa caught up with the tall, gorgeous, bubbly and confident Kaone who was in the country recently to take part in the Gaborone Fashion Night where she revealed that despite her fame, she is still a normal Motswana girl who while walking in the streets of New York wishes she could lay her hands on menoto ( chicken feet)

Q. You are all smiles and seem to be having a good time, are you always like this or there is reason behind the smiles?
Oh yeh! Feels good to be home

Q. You now based in New York, what prompted the move?
I am not based in New York, am just there to experience being in that part of the world and will be going to back to the country that made me what I am today, South Africa.

Q. So you mean if something comes up in New York you will turn it down since judging from your talk, your heart is in SA?
I am not chasing anything in New York but if something comes up well I’ll see and I will make that move official.

Q. Is modeling something that you always wanted to do?
Not at all, like most children I grew up wanting to study at the University of Botswana and by chance or accident here I am today.

Q. Please elaborate on that?
Somebody took a picture of me and said I could make it as a model and the next thing I was auditioning for Mnet Face of Africa. Before I could understand what I had gotten myself into I was crowned the winner of the pageant and the rest is history.

Q. Do you regret that?
Nop, I love what I do, no regrets at all

Q. How do you deal with all the fame and the celebrity status?
I don’t consider myself as a celeb but just a lucky girl who seems to make pretty photos which are then loved by people. I am still the same old Motswana girl who grew up between Mochudi and Maun so having that at the back of mind makes things a lot easier.

Q. But obviously socially who you are comes into play, how are you doing in the social scene?
(Laughs out loud) If you asking me about a boyfriend, I am very single.

Q. Why, don’t tell me men are scared of you because of who you are and what you have achieved?
(Smiles)  I don’t attract men who don’t understand my career but you know guys will be guys, they expect us to tolerate some things but there is so much we can take.

Q. But do you have future plans of settling down and starting a starting family?
Oh yes and I can imagine myself, husband and our children, it would be one lovely family.

Q. Years are getting by and in some years to come you will no longer be fit for the ramp, what will you do then?
My life after modeling will be TV production.

Q.What has been the highlight of your career?
Presenting Mnet Face of Africa 2010 in Nigeria, my first time on that stage was when I was contestant and five years I was presenting the same programme live to millions of viewers across the continent. It was a true wow! moment and I would never forget that.

Q. And the lowest point?
(Smile and light in her eyes suddenly disappear and she looks down for a moment before responding) Being robbed by the industry.

Q. What do you mean, how?
If you are knew in the industry you tend to be trusting and you get hurt in the process. People take advantage of you because of being naïve. When you contracts and making money you are an asset but if not you are nothing.  There was a time when I wanted to quit, I then took a break and came back home. But then I realised I still have a lot to contribute to the industry and I went back. The good thing now is that I have grown and have a better understanding of the industry.

Q. How do you deal with anger and frustration?
I write what would be going through my mind, call home and talk to my mother and sisters.  I also call close friends so we can talk s**t and stupid things and laugh out loud.

Q. Going back to your stay in New York, what do you miss most when you out there?
Eesshh, besides my family I miss menoto, I just love them and sometime I think am addicted, you can imagine how it feels to crave for them when in New York knowing that chances of getting them are zero.

CONFIDENT; Kaone Kario

Q. How do you feel when walking down the streets of New York knowing that you are just a typical Motswana girl like you said before?
Sometimes I just stop and ask myself, is it really me, the girl from Mochudi, it can be so unbelievable and humbling and I thank God for all these experiences and the blessings. It really is a great honour.

Q. No doubt you are a source of inspiration to a lot of young girls out there, any advice to them?
Modelling is a beautiful profession, one gets to travel, meet a lot of people but the bottom line is that it’s not always rosy, just like in any job, there are good and bad days. Discipline and focus is also very important and its best to have plan B for the future as modeling like other jobs is not forever.
Lastly you seem to have this consistent body weight, always looking good, what’s the secret behind?

(smiles) I have good genes from both my parents and I love them dearly for that but besides that I go to the gym and always try to eat healthy buy avoiding fast foods which are too greasy.

Fact file
Full names: Kaone Kario
Place of birth: Maun
Date of birth: July 10, 198..
Past time: watching movies over a glass of red wine
How she keeps fit: Going to the gym and avoiding greasy foods
Favourite food: Depends where she is but menoto (chicken feet) take the lead
Favourite colour(s): Black and orange
Two words that best describe her: shy and nice
Mentor(s): Different people for their different characteristics

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Kaoneeeeeee!!!!!!kip on shining gal..u ar a real star swithaert.


we are proud of u homegirl,u are a star