BOTHO celebrates success

Botho University this week commemorated its 20th anniversary at the Gaborone Campus in Kgale, on Monday with speeches and fanfare.

Speaking during his presentation on the topic, ‘Developing talent in Africa,’Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Paul Evans said that there is lack of skills locally and poor

mathematical ability amongst Secondary school students. “There is actually a lot of money that is invested in education, but the results often leave us disappointed,” said Evans.

Lamentingoon the large number of graduates struggling to find jobs, professor Evans noted that Botswana is one of the countries in the world where it is most difficult to find skilled talent.

“This is a tremendous challenge for education, and education is the most important driver of prosperity,” he said.

Professor Evans also urged Botho University, which started out as a vocational training institute in its growth strategy.

In her presentation about Botho University and the future, the Vice Chancellor, Sheela Raja Ram said that the University aspires to be an integral player in building an economically diversified, fast growing and prosperous Africa built on integrity, excellence, inclusiveness and financial viability.

The Vice Chancellor said that The BU’s journey began in 1997 and in 2007 they became a university.

“Everything looked impossible at the beginning, but here we are today celebrating a milestone and finding the courage to expand to other countries,” she said.

Expounding on the importance of education Raja Ram spoke of how education can break the shackles of poverty.

“I thank everyone, both stakeholders and students without whom the journey would have never been possible,” she said.

Yet another speaker on the day, Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology Dr. Alfred Madigele applauded everyone who had been involved in BU’s remarkable success.

“Botswana needs institutions of this nature for her to fully meet actual needs of the economy,” he said.

Madigele also revealed that since 2017 BU has been significantly contributing to the community they live in, citing Primary schools library Capacity building programme that entails donating books and learning materials.

Botho University is Botswana’s largest private tertiary educational provider.

The college offers certificates, diplomas and graduates degree in accountancy and computer science.

They recently launched a Masters Degree programme in Business Administration (MBA).

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