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These past weeks, no make that months I have been thinking a lot about image! Say what? Yes you heard me, Image!


Image is everything I believe, especially if you take into consideration that God created us all in His awesome image as the holy book tells us.
Now before you get me wrong, by image I am not talking about breaking the bank to achieve the so called ‘A list’ look craze that has hit our shores and neither am I talking about spending a small fortune to look a certain way because let’s face it life is too busy to spend worrying too much about clothes and make up, unless of course you are in business and making money from it to which I’ll gladly say ride on sister!

So by image I am simply talking about how you view yourself and whether you are comfortable with yourself which I believe sets the tone on how other people should view and treat you.
Recently I was asked in a local radio interview why The Voice Newspaper stands out from all the other newspapers that exist locally? My answer to that was why not, which I must admit is the same way I would like to approach life as an individual. I have never been the one to blend in, never has and never will simply because the way God created me does not allow that. I therefore believe every individual should celebrate their uniqueness and the unique contribution they make to this world, hence I go out of my way to teach my children the same.

Now let’s see how we can teach the children how to grow up to become everything they have been created to be without feeling like they need to hold back out of the need to fit in and avoid looking different. No one was created to shrink back and hide out of politeness, convenience or simply in fear of being different.

We need to explore how we can raise them to shine, not to be mediocre or simply average. Average is boring and mediocrity is of the devil, if you ask me. We therefore need to learn to let the children grow to explore their full potential, with no apologies for their God given gifts and talents.

They were born for a purpose but how do they find out what that purpose is if we teach them to hold back and become shrinking violets satisfied with being just Ok?
We therefore need to teach the children that it is well and good to have expectations on how they should be treated, which I must admit can be an uphill battle when there are other strong influences in your children’s lives trying to teach them otherwise. I do not discourage my boys from showing themselves off, I tell them whenever the opportunity arises that they are special, handsome, good looking and great children because I know that once they grow up with that perception ofthemselves in their minds I am convinced they will treat themselves in a way that will make others allow them to step into greatness and destiny. After all we are all born to shine and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being in the spotlight or is there?

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