Bond Market Conference slated for October
HOST: Thapelo Tsheole

The Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), in conjunction with the Botswana Bond Market Association (BBMA) is scheduled to host the Bond Market Conference on the 6th of October at Gaborone International Conference Centre (GICC).

The conference is highly anticipated by different stakeholders in the financial sector and is perhaps overdue owing to the fact that the last extensive examination of the bond market in such a forum took place in 2007 at a conference titled “Developing Securitization and the Bond Market in Botswana”.

Whereas the focus of that conference was aimed at the development of the bond market, it has since significantly improved and as such – new objectives to further progress the market are belated.

This year’s conference thus seeks to facilitate this progress through mobilizing relevant stakeholders and participants in the bond market in an effort to engage in a wide array of topics pertinent to the market’s evolution.

These topics include but are not limited to; opportunities for infrastructure funding through the bond market, promoting an efficient regulatory environment, efficiency and liquidity of the secondary market and developing the repo market.

The conference, aptly themed “The Bond Market – A pillar of the Economy” recognizes the integral part that the market plays in propelling economic growth.

It is a tool that seeks to forge relationships between domestic and international stakeholders especially in matters pertinent to capacity building as well as the harmonization of the debt market.

Speaking at a teeming conference room at the BSE, CEO of the Stock Exchange –Thapelo Tsheole elucidated on the importance of such forums of discussion.

“Our belief as the BSE is that for the bond market to continue to play its meaningful economic role, it should be developed and nourished further to operate efficiently. This entails promoting efficiency, liquidity, information dissemination and transparency, among other many factors.” he said.

A host of stakeholders in the local financial sector are also cognizant of the importance of the bond market and have thus acted accordingly by lending their support through a variety of ways. Besides the BSE’s primary partners, BBMA, Stanbic and BIFM (Botswana Insurance Fund Management) have deemed it necessary to sponsor the event.

On a more regional scale, the African Development Bank has also pledged its participation which bodes well for the local economy as the bank has been instrumental in the development of local currency bond markets throughout the entirety of Africa.

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