BONA Life opens Francistown office
BONA Life Insurance founding CEO Regina Sikalesele-Vaka

BONA Life Insurance founding CEO Regina Sikalesele-Vaka has urged Batswana to make use of the company as it is home grown and understands their needs.

Speaking at the launch of company’s Francistown office last Friday Sikalesele-Vaka said BONA Life offers financial solutions to groups that have so far been excluded from the formal financial dealings.

“Many financial solutions are available for the formally employed but not the informally employed, the unemployed or the lower income earners thus widening the social divisions.

Bona Life is here to provide solutions to the unemployed, the unbanked and those with no pay slips,” she said.

She further noted that Botswana was at crossroads with tough economic conditions, decline in mineral prices, rising unemployment and the breakdown new ideas were needed to address the challenges Batswana face.

“It is time to adopt creative ways to make ends meet and to adjust their lifestyles to make adequate provision for the future. BONA Life offers that. We have the best priced products on the market,” she said.

On another note the BONA CEO said the company is working closely with peripheral communities to provide micro insurance that provide dreams cover to members.

“We do not impose products on clients but work with them to come up with the financial solutions they need” she said.

According to the BONA chief, the company offers among others, the Thebe Funeral Plan, the Leungo Pension Plan, the Lefa Mortgage Plan which are available directly from BONA Life offices, brokers, and agents.

She went on to say the company is able to process claims fast as they do not have to consult anybody outside the country because BONA is hundred percent citizen owned.

Its major share holder is the Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund’

“We are able to process claims within 48 hours as long as we have all the necessary documents. We have even processed some claims in 24 hours,” Sikalesele-Vaka told her audience.

Another speaker at the event Francistown City Mayor Silvia Muzila called on Batswana to support BONA life and promised to be one of its first clients in Francistown.

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