BOMU muti wars
Vebrok & Bonsam

Apparently the infighting at BOMU has now escalated beyond the boardroom.

Those close to the union claim that a number of artists have been targeted by the Executive, who has allegedly unleashed thugs to cause havoc.

Diva Vebrok and Kabelo Eric recently posted her suspicions about BOMU on social media, after the former’s house was broken into, with goods amounting to P85, 000 stolen during the burglary.

Vebrok clearly suspects that the crooks were sent by BOMU executive, as she was one of the most vocal artists in her criticism of the BOMU Music Awards.

The thieves are said to have demanded P25, 000, as well as wanting to know where the Ghanaian man is – a reference to Vebrok’s association with famous Ghanaian traditional healer, Nana Kwaku Bonsam.

Are you guys out of your minds? How can you be so stupid as to steal from a lady who’s allegedly dating one of the deadliest African medicine men on the continent?

You have my back on this one Diva, ask Bonsam to reach for his most potent spell, unleash hell on those losers.

I want to see them in my office next Monday, giggling uncontrollably and crying out their confessions.

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