BW TALENT: the awards remain in doubt

The 10th annual Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) awards that were initially scheduled for tomorrow remain in doubt after some concerned artists registered a case of motion of no confidence this morning.

The case will be heard as a matter of urgency this afternoon at the Lobatse High Court.

Suspended BOMU President Pagson Ntsie recently took to social media and distanced himself from the coming awards.

Ntsie who is part of the union leadership that was nominated by the mediation body after a concerned group took to the court of arbitration their case of mismanagement of funds by the committee, wrote on social media that: “Please note that my principles do not allow me to be part of shabby events with wrong motives. They tried to entice and promise me heavens.”

Although a concerned group of local artists have also shared their disappointment and even called for the postponement of the awards, their plea fell on deaf ears as the union leadership has resolved that the show will go on.

For the first time ever, with just two days left before the awards ceremony there is still no list of nominees.

Instead, The Voice Online has been told, patrons were expected to vote for their preferred nominee who will then be selected by the judges on the final day.

“There are no nominees. What will happen this year is that people will vote or their preferred winner and the final decision will be taken by the judges. This is something different from the past years.”

Tickets are on sale for the event which has been sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture (MYSC) at P200 whilst performances on the day will be delivered by Slizer, Dr Vom, Matheke, Khoisan, Perion, Lister Boleseng and Nono.

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