Opposition leader, Duma Boko, whose luxury vehicle was impounded by tax authorities early this week, says he remains open to dealing with them, urging the taxman to carry out duties without fear or favour.

Beginning his response to the budget speech on Wednesday afternoon, Boko said he has been receiving so much love from “thousands” of citizens over the last few days regarding his altercation with tax authorities which resulted in impounding of his Range Rover.

“I encourage the tax and other authorities to do their work without any fear or favour and to ensure that they do not lend themselves to undue dictation and manipulation in the execution of their mandate,” the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader said.

Boko says he is aware of the corrosive skepticism the people have for many institutions of the state which he feels come from these institutions’ lack of credibility and the selective manner in which they do their work.

The UDC leader says President Mokgweetsi Masisi should reverse the administrative fiats which resulted in organs such as Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes (DCEC) being housed and overseen directly from the Office of the President.

“This is something he can achieve by the stroke of his presidential pen. We ask him, kindly, to do and do so urgently,” advised Boko.

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