Boko lays down the law
GRAND ENTRANCE: Boko arriving

It was expected to be an emotionally charged elective congress with prophets of doom predicting a split for Botswana National Front (BNF).

To the contrary, BNF seem to have gotten out of the weekend congress stronger than ever before.

Under the leadership of Duma Boko, BNF has been a stable party which he rightly said: “Unlike in the past BNF is now being envied by other opposition parties.”

The BNF president delivered a subliminal message when dissolving the outgoing Central Committee.

Boko borrowed heavily from Philosopher Socrates and punctuated his message with biblical passages entrancing his followers with eloquence and off-the-cuff humour.

Linked with the lobby-list known as Tea-Kairos which won all but one post in the Central Committee, Boko had earlier before elections warned BNF delegates of members who are hellbent on destabilising the party.

He reminded hundreds who attended the rally that BNF has cultivated a culture of self-destruction over the years.

Boko lays down the law
TOP TABLE: Boko and his comrades

“When you ask comrades why they are destroying the party, their response has always been, we don’t know, it has always been like this,” he said.

He implored delegates to vote wisely and bring in people who will respect the party and help it maintain its new found stability.

“We are now a stable party and stronger than we have ever been. Bear this in mind today when you vote in a new committee,” Boko said.

He reminded delegates that once he dissolves the old central committee the party will go back to the masses to allow them to map a way forward by bringing in a new leadership to take the party to 2019 and beyond.

“If you bring in people who will take us back, you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves,” he said.

The BNF leader who is also the leader for the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) appealed to Christians within the front to spread the message of unity and revolution.

He reminded Christians that going to church everyday and ignoring the challenges faced by fellow human beings goes against the very ideals of the religion of Jesus Christ.

“Its not about fasting everyday and praying privately,” he said.

“Its about doing unto others as you’d like them to do unto you,” Boko said to deafening applause.

Boko lays down the law
FULL HOUSE: BNF cafres came in numbers

Boko said Christians should not be afraid to raise their voices against the current government if they feel the leadership has lost its way.

“Just like Jesus, he loved his nation but he had a problem with what the leadership stood for. He stood up raised his voice and died for the truth,” he said.

“He simply did unto others as he’d like them to do unto you, that is exactly what BNF stands for,” Boko said.

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