Boko is a clown - Kablay

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) chief whip Liakat Kablay has labelled Duma Boko a clown whose job is to make people laugh in parliament.

In an interview with The Voice on Wednesday following Boko’s response to the Budget Speech, which was presented by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Kenneth Matambo on Monday, Kablay did not have any kind words for the Leader of Opposition.

“Boko is an entertainer and one would sometimes think he is saying something tangible with his flowery law language, only to find out that he is merely concentrating on making people laugh,” said the ruling party chief whip, addiing that the latest tax evasion incident and Boko’s reaction to it were a true reflection of Boko’s character.

Kablay continued to say that Boko as an aspiring state president should not be caught up in tax evasion accusations saying this lowers his dignity in the eyes of the community.

For UDC to claim that they will create over 100 000 jobs in 12 months was overambitious, Kablay noted.

“This is a ploy by Boko to lure voters to his party with fake promises and ultimately dump them after the elections,” he said

When delivering his response, Boko heavily criticised the budget speech saying he was disappointed by the finance minister.

Boko is a clown - Kablay

“I kept myself from interjecting to ask, ‘How many jobs, in how long?’” said Boko, adding there was no attempt by Matambo to support how jobs will be created.

UDC President says if there is anything that stands out in this budget speech, it is its length, which he says is relatively short when compared to previous ones.

According to Boko, this budget is not about the people, but about the macroeconomy, leaving the people with little hope.

Not only will jobs be created, but workers will be accorded a living wage of P3 000 per month should UDC win the elections according to the opposition leader. He also said that old age pension would be increased to P1 500 per month.

One of the ways he says UDC government would create jobs is by finding viable ways to involve SMEs in projects undertaken, whether small or large.

Once again, Boko reiterated that UDC would focus on hemp production to create massive job opportunities as it is a source of food for both humans and pets.

The product, Boko explained could be used to produce body oils and lotions as well as to manufacture clothing items such as jeans and sports clothing.

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