Accuses him of being a BDP hired gun

The leader of opposition (LOO) Duma Boko has come out guns blazing to rubbish disparaging remarks fired at him by the leader of the suspended Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) leader, Sydney Pilane in an Exclusive interview with The Voice last week.

Pilane had told This publication in an interview that Boko and by extension the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) will never win elections nor will Boko ever be President of Botswana.

He also claimed that Boko had mortgaged the country to his wealthy friends in exchange of financial support for the UDC campaign.

Hitting back, Boko dismissed Pilane as nothing but a hired gun by the BDP to break the UDC.

“He sounds like someone with handlers. He is hired by the BDP, he thinks we do not know. His statements are like someone who is a hired gun,” Boko said.

“I don’t know what wealthy friends he is talking about, that I am supposedly mortgaging the country to. He is talking nonsense, absolute nonsense! It can only come from someone who has absolutely nothing to offer, he is petty and malicious. Only a person of such a nature can make such allegations,” Boko further said.

“I am at the helm of the UDC and naturally I will speak for and on behalf of the UDC, and when there is an attack on the UDC the first person will be me, it is because I have been entrusted by the membership of the UDC. Whether he likes he is not I am the leader of the UDC,” he said.


Asked whether it was true that the UDC has never held a congress to elect him as president as Pilane had alleged, Boko said, “He is talking nonsense. This is the hyper hypocricy I am talking about. When he was still there (within the UDC) these things were not an issue. He has never raised them, only in December 2018 did he start to talk about elections this and that. We put up with his behavior until we drew a line in the sand in October 2018 and said we cannot put up with this any more.”
Dismissing Pilane as a ‘non issue for the UDC Boko insisted that the man is not a member of Umbrella.

“He is not a member of the UDC,” Boko said further adding that at the constituency where he (Pilane) is contesting the UDC has a candidate in Haskins Nkaigwa and he (Boko) will campaign for him (Nkaigwa).

“The BDP felt that they should target and destroy me because only then would they have destroyed the UDC. They have come with BURS and come with everything, they have failed. You can’t destroy me. This course is my life, I have been fighting the BDP all my life, I have never worked for the BDP. My mission is to unseat the BDP,” Boko said.

Boko and Pilane’s feud will be resolved after the court has made a pronouncement on the supension of Pilane and his BMD from the UDC, hopefully sometime before the general elections in October.

The two parties are due back in court on August 27th.