Boko demands forensic audit on institutions

Corruption runs our country- Boko

President of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko has called for re-energized and reconfigured robust and credible institutions to help in fighting crime.

Speaking during a Press Conference this week, Boko who was In his element said that only credible institutions can serve the people and fortify the country against the astonishing levels of institutionalized corruption that has rocked the country of late.

“We need a new government this year to usher us into the second republic. All the existing institutions are, either weak and tepid in the execution of their mandates, or are destitute of any ounce of credibility.”

He said that the corruption and abuse in the country across all sectors of government, Directorate of Intelligence and Security, National Petroleum Fund, E- Government, all government ministries and departments was and is still, a function of institutions deliberately designed to preclude any robust oversight and probing accountability.

“I must state that accountability is not the calling of meaningless and shallow press conferences to parade the President’s vanity and regale journalists with anecdotes about panels attended in Davos or elsewhere. Accountability is about a detailed account of the real costs and benefits of any trip or outing by the President and organs of the state to give the nation an accurate visual and aural understanding of what actual value the nation derives from all these adventures,” he noted.

He said that none has been given to date despite the many press briefings held. He mentioned that the UDC was that change that the country desperately need.

He said his party demands a comprehensive forensic audit of all institutions in which government funds have expended over the last few years to determine what went on and how controls and processes failed, the better to initiate extensive reviews of all these process and practices.

“We call for a dispassionate and comprehensive investigation along these lines so we minimize the risk of any false accusations and speculative finger pointing.”

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