President of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko has challenged celebrated lawyer, Kgosietsile Ngakayagae to name and shame all corrupt UDC members he may have.

On Wednesday night in an interview with The Voice, Ngakaagae threatened to reveal the names of all those who illegally benefited from the National Petroleum Fund (NPF).

Ngakaagae further warned that if the spy agencies and corruption busters were to keep on harassing his client, Bakang Seretse, he was going to spill the beans. “I will name them even those from the opposition and mess up the 2019 elections for them,” threatened Ngakayagae.

This week the UDC leader denied any involvement in any dirty dealings and confidently challenged Ngakaagae to expose any corrupt members of his party.

“As far as I am concerned I am free, I was never involved in any corrupt practice and if he has names, he can come out and help us. We need such information,” he said.

Boko further added that corruption and wanton abuse of office have run amok in the country and that it’s roots run deep and wide. “It has been going on for a very long time under Botswana Democratic Party and literally, under all the presidents who led from independence. The problems facing Botswana are systemic.”

He mentioned that the problems the country is facing cannot be addressed by way of changing the faces of presidents while retaining the same system and organisation that brought the country where it is.

He pointed out that a substitution of leaders of the BDP cannot address the systemic challenges and the accumulated catastrophes that the BDP has brought.

“The ascendance of President Masisi to the highest office is but a frail and fitful palliative that can only mollify but not uproot the causes of all these maladies. All the leaders of the BDP, past and present, are complicit in the mess we have and are culpable without exception. We need authentic change,” he added.


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