The Botswana Federation of Public Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU) yesterday slammed President Ian Khama and his government for alienating civil servants.

BOFEPUSU claims that government has credited only those civil servants who are not part of BOFEPUSU the proposed 3 % increment in their salaries, denying those that are members of the union of the same.

BOFEPUSU says that they are aware that government has only credited the 3 % increase to those that are not part of the union, further claiming that the government has even promised those who are part of the union that they would only credit them their 3 % if they disassociate themselves with the union.

The union believes that this is a government way of muzzling them out of subscriptions of its members that they depend on for survival.

They have however vowed to remove those against the welfare of workers, adding that should the BDP continue with its “shenanigans” BOFEPUSU, like they did in previous election will advice its members to vote against the government of today.

The Secretary General of the union, Tobokani Rari said that they will advice its members to also alienate a government, which suppresses its workers.

“It is evident that the present regime/government is hell bent to reverse the gains that have been achieved. Including the amendment of the trade dispute Act, the amendment of the Public service as well as government refusal to bargain,” he said.

BOFEPUSU leadership yesterday left for the different branches around the country to raise awareness amongst its members not to “sell their souls” for only 3 % increment.

Meanwhile the union has also said that on April 11 they will host a peaceful demonstration in remembrance of the 2011 civil servants strike that took the country by storm.

These demonstration, the Union says will be held only after working hours and will be held annually.