BOCCIM will hold Northern Youth Expo for the first time in Francistown from 24-26 March this year under the theme ‘Accelerating Youth Entrepreneurs Contribution towards the Economic Diversification Drive.’
Speaking to The Voice this week, BOCCIM Regional Manager Eileen Van der Est said the objective of the expo is to encourage business networks among youth and create a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents, exchange ideas and interact with other young people from different business background.

“This expo will be held for the first time, we believe when these young entrepreneurs are together, they can actually network and we are also going to invite service providers so that they can get an opportunity to interact more with youth. All young entrepreneurs who are promoting, managing a venture centered on a creative sector will be invited to participate. This can be a chance for them to take their enterprise beyond Botswana, gain foothold in the economy and build relationships to promote their creative ventures” she said.

Van der Est said the Youth Expo could be entrepreneurs’ ticket to a world of opportunities. She said it is an exhibition that gives recognition to creative entrepreneurs across the sectors of Design, Music, Fashion, Communication, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and publishing, manufacturing, Agriculture to mention a few. She also said creative ones from various sectors will get to interact with creative industry leaders and other key stakeholders. There will also be a roundtable dinner, where different participants will share ideas and the theme will be ‘What is your Organization view in involving Youth Entrepreneurs contribution towards the Economic Diversification Drive.